Senarai Buku

  1. Stories for Our Children

These are not bedtime stories. They are neither fables nor magical tales to amuse children. These are a collection of gripping real life stories that will move you and make you laugh or cry. Or they may just make you ponder about your own life, your parents, your grandparents, your children and all the people that matter in your life. This book projects real people, real stories - about parents as told by their chliden; about the trials and tribulations of raising children; and about things that no one tells you about becoming a parent or a fillial son or daughter. The stories are infused with values, personal journeys and lessons, and intertwined with inter-generational, cultural and religious understanding. New parents in particular will hopefully find this book enlightening. Becoming a parents is a life-changing event, and life as a parent keep changing, too! You will be on an emotional ssesaw with the ups and downs of raising children. Read how others deal with their family challenges. Derive inspirations and lessons from these stories that express kindness, love, imagination, joy and sorrow.